Monday, February 4

20 little facts

1 I’m embarrassed to copy this post off all the other blogs I read, but self-obsessed enough to love making it!
2 If I had to decide who my best friend was, I would choose my Nan or my cat, as sad as that is!
3 My two favourite books are The Gruffalo and 1984
4 I hate my fringe, but I’m too scared to try grow it out
5 I’ve never worn foundation, and never plan to. EFFORT
6 I plan on being exactly like Miranda when I’m older, but with pets
7 Every once in a while I feel so trapped and need to have an entire day alone in a place I’ve never been before, they’re called ‘Chloe days’
8 I love my degree, I can’t think of many lectures I haven’t enjoyed
9 I can only wear nice clothes when I’m happy, otherwise they get ruined by the bad day
10 On Friday I’m going to the 2013 NME Awards Tour and I first saw my boyfriend at the 2009 one, cute huh
11 The only good thing about where I’m from is that LLYMLRS is also from there, and a bridge
12 I could give up all music apart from Bon Iver and be perfectly happy
13 I went through a phase of listening to Radio 1 all hours of the day that I was home
14 Nexus Arts Café is my favourite place in the world
15 My first day of primary school was in a wheelchair
16 My new year’s resolution was to  quit washing my hair every day, but I haven’t kept it
17 I've met Noel Fielding, and it was the best moment of my life 
18 I really don’t like the Vaccines or Miles Kane, even though I probably ‘should’
19 I only like the smell of vanilla candles, any others make me feel ill
20 I really regret not going to more gigs in the past few years


  1. I love this post :D I'm glad you did it !

  2. Love reading these posts :-)

    1. Same, I love being nosey at other peoples posts haha! xxxx

  3. I adore personal posts like these, it's like a little insight into someone's brain hehe!

    Chloe x

    1. Haha. I know, they're so interesting aren't they! xxxxx

  4. I saw Bon Iver at Glastonbury 2009 and honestly if I was never allowed to listen to any other band but them i'd be quite content! I also wish I was brave enough to go foundation-less! Your skin looks incredible without it!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

    1. Wow! I'm so jealous! I saw them at Manchester Arena last year and it was the best night of my life, love them so much. I've followed your blog, your header is perfect haha! xxxxx

  5. Just come across your blog, love it :) also, i'm friends with Lily so that means your from Ludlow.. i'm from Hereford and my boyfriend goes to uni in manchester ! weeeeeirrd ! Anyway your blog is cuute.

    Jess @ xo

    1. Small world isn't haha! Aw thank you sweet, I love yours too! Let me know if you'd like to do a button swap xxxxx

    2. sureee is ! yeah sure the url code for my button is in my sidebar.. if you send me yours i'll happily put it up :) xo

  6. Ok done! :) mine's in my sidebar too xxxx


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