Saturday, February 16

Buy my things!

Basically, I'm trying to empty out my wardrobe of things I don't actually wear. It looks so full, but I barely wear any of it! So a few of these things I will really miss, like my Levi Shorts that I bought on my first little explore around Manchester, I want them to go to a good home! But why keep what you don't wear right? They'll all be put up on my eBay account soon (eBay takes so long!), but if you want anything, feel free to email me an offer! The link for the blog shop page is here.

(followers of my blog get priority, even if I could make more money on eBay)


  1. I just wish my ass would fit in them lol xx

    mac lipstick giveaway.

  2. They are absolutely amazing! <33


  3. aawww love this look / your blog!!!

    mines a super new blog any chance you could check it out:)?

    thankyou ever so much xxxx

    1. Love your blog Chlöe, love the layout :) xxxx

  4. lovely blog, totally random but love those bedcovers haha! xxxx


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