Friday, March 8


 Emmeline Pankhurst, the true riot grrl,
 Lauren Conrad, she's just so damn quoteable. "do you really want to change everything you believe in just cause some guy's pressuring you? 

Kate Nash, her new album says it all. 
Caitlin Moran, bringing feminism to the masses

Being a woman is a powerful thing. I adore the extent that that has been celebrated today on International Women’s Day, it’s really got me thinking about which women I am inspired by. I’m including photos of celebrities like Caitlin Moran and Kate Nash, but I’m mostly inspired by those women who do something to change something, even the smallest thing. I am most inspired by bravery; it is still a tough sexist world to make an impact and even small things like women being independent and having freedom inspires me. I sometimes think the blogging world is dangerous to young women as it has potential to make them feel like the shade of your blusher and the brand of your handbag is what defines you; the mould that bloggers sometimes strive to fit into, just to get more views than they would otherwise scares me. The obsession with self-image on the internet is a damaging thing, sometimes we need to turn off the screens, remember who we are and what we can do outside of the wardrobe and make up bag. 

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