Tuesday, April 2

Fail For You

Bad quality photos on blogs really annoy me and now I keep uploading them! My camera refuses to focus when I'm far from the camera. (If it bothers you as much as it bothers me, comment and I'll make more effort to focus my camera!)
ANYWAY. This is quite a simple outfit I guess, black, white and grey aren't the most exciting colours I own. I bought this blazer recently from Primark reduced from £30 to £10 after seeing it on an I Covet Thee haul video and I'm so glad I bought it as I nearly didn't! I've got a feeling it will go with quite a lot of my clothes and it looks smart without being uncomfortable. I put the Rimmell Lycra Pro polish on as it only needs one coat and I was in a rush! I wore this to the Raquib Shaw exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery and to the library to get started on my dissertation, scary! Also, I'm wearing some of my new Dainty Doll make up in these photos which I will blog about soon.


  1. Love your hair up! And the striped blazer is gorgeous(:


    1. Aw thank you sweet, I'm trying to grow my fringe out so it keeps it out of my face while it's an awkward length haha! xxxx

  2. I love the jacket!! :)
    The photo in front of mirrors is so cool! <3

    1. Hahah yeah it was mirrors in the art gallery, I couldn't help myself ha! xxxx


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