Wednesday, May 22

End of year two!

I still can't believe I've finished my second year of university, this year has gone so so fast! The past few weeks have been really hectic with revision (and mild panicking) but it's all over until September now so I can finally get back into blogging! Also, I have very very good news! I've got an amazing new job and I'm so so excited, and it means I can stay in Manchester over the summer which will be so much fun. A pay rise definitely means I have an excuse for a new wardrobe I think! I know this post is a bit dull, but I've got a few lined up about new bits I've bought that I'm quite excited about. I'm glad to be back to my little space on the interwebs. But for now I'm just having a chilled evening of reading and DVDs.


  1. Congrats on finishing your second year! :) Your choice of snacks is perfect too haha!

    Love, Hails x |

  2. Yay, congratulations on finishing your second year. I love Miranda! And Aero's actually (only mint though). And well done on the job :) Although anything can be an excuse for a new wardrobe ;) Enjoy your evening and your Summer off of uni. x


  3. congratulations on second year finishing, and congratulations on the job! massively jealous of the aero bar! yum! x

  4. Well done on finishing exams and on your new job! So nice to be free from uni work :) xx


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