Monday, July 22

Aldi mascara, really?

First of all, the shape, wink wink nudge nudge, is hilarious. I'm not sure if a hilarious shape is a plus side of a mascara, but if it was. Secondly, the price. I actually don't know the price as I was given it but after a quick internet browse, I found its around $4. For Aldi, you'd understandably be surprised to read it's not actually that bad! It is very thick, and even thinking about putting it near your lashes leads to the spiders legs effect. But if you're very gentle, it can lead to dramatic, thick lashes. I probably won't repurchase, unless I get really skint, but for what it is I can definitely recommend. In other news, I'm typing this on the bus, and it has its heater on. What?! 


  1. Eek usually cheap mascara irritates my eyes loads! Or maybe I just tell myself that to justify spending ridiculous amounts of money on make up... Hope you don't boil to death on the bus!

    Rosie x

  2. i've always been one for cheap mascara, it seems my lashes will put up with anything! but aldi, hmm, i dunno, i'm not a snob when it comes to cheapy shops but i'm not sure even i could go this far! i'll probably be like you, depends how skint i get! i also once read that buses have to have the heating on to cool down the engine or something? sounds mental but at least its an explanation! x


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