Sunday, July 14

Disaster survival guide

Sometimes in life, disaster strikes. By disaster, I mean both Wi-Fi and 3G simultaneously going tits up. This is, I’ll admit, a major first world problem, but a problem it is. No Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram; I can’t even see the babies-having-babies-chav-fest that is Facebook. As Twitter and Instagram were my go-to happy places to keep my thumbs busy while getting used to not texting my ex, I needed a survival plan - and fast.
  • Go for a walk: seems simple enough, why didn’t I think of it earlier? Because I was too busy looking at #instagood #nailart, that’s why.  
  • Read: in the past month or so, I have read the second and third Game of Thrones books (Jon Snow, why are you not mine?) Snow Child, Oscar Wilde’s poetry and Moranthology. Let me tell you, they have a lot more to say than my twitter feed does.
  • Cook: did you know how easy it is to make your own bread? No, neither did I, I was too busy doing Tumblr searches of Jon Snow (again, why is he not mine?)
  • Notice things: when on a bus, around 99% of the bus riders, if that is the correct term, are looking at their smartphones. Presumably, they too have found a photo of a cat. But when you put your phone down and look around, you will notice so many beautiful buildings. For example, I have only just realised that the McDonalds on Oxford Road in Manchester used to be a cinema.
  • Talk to people: this one seems the most obvious, but when you are out with people, you can actually talk to them. Similarly, your phone can also be used phone people, who knew?!
  • Sort: I hate sorting, really hate it, but life does feel that bit better when you have a neatly folded pile of old clothes, all ready for eBay
  • Think: I am no philosopher, but when I let my mind wander, it occasionally does come up with a few funny thoughts and very occasionally some clever thoughts
  • Write: when you don’t have a boyfriend to text your occasional funny and more occasional clever thoughts, you can note them in a notebook, type them in a blog (albeit on Word, to publish later), or tell your friends
I might be wrong, but this life sounds far more interesting and worthwhile than stalking photos of a girl you haven’t spoken to since secondary school, even if she does wear nice clothes 


  1. This world does indeed sound much more interesting! I've seen me drive to my friends house, walk in the front door and then we'll both sit there on our phones/laptops/tablets only speaking to eachother to point out a funny post. Mental!

    Maxine, xx

  2. I love this post, it was so easy to read. It kind of just flowed as I read. It really was one of the best blog posts I've seen in a while! :) x

  3. So true! I've just spent 12 days on holiday and only had wifi access for about 5 hours max of this! Actually felt so much better, happy and always up for doing stuff. Now back home I'm checking my Facebook, Instagram, emails, random shit out of habit and feel like I have no motivation at all!! Time to chuck the iPhone or turn off the Internet access I think!! X


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