Monday, July 29

Sad songs

Quickly becoming one of my favourite tops ever, is this tshirt from Me & Yu. I saw this top in Afflecks Palace more than a year ago, and kept putting it off for no reason at all. I went last week and checked to see if they still had it, when I couldn't find it for a while I was gutted. When I finally found it, I knew how much I must have wanted it! Me & Yu are a brand that hand print all of their tshirts, the quality of the fabric and production is lovely. I couldn't recommend them more, i'm definitely wanting to purchase a few more from the collection! There really is something to be said for buying from independent designers like Me & Yu, you know you'll get something more unique and better quality than Topshop (no offence Topshop, luv u 4eva)
I guess I also love this tshirt, because I relate to it so much, (yes I do feel like I'm having 15 year old teen angst saying that, sorry!) If you follow me on twitter, you'll probably have gathered by now that my favourite band are Bon Iver, I saw them live last year and it was perfect. I also love artists/bands like Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Joe Banfi, Keaton Henson, Glasvegas, Nick Mulvey, Bat For Lashes, Daughter etc etc. Although constantly listening to music like Keaton Henson should have me pretty down, it actually really chills me out.
Anyway, back to the tshirt! I wore this outfit to visit friends in Chester (which I'll also be blogging about) as it's the perfect comfy throw on outfit for travelling and rainy weather. I love how the converse and nail varnish (Essie, Naughty Nautical) break up the monochrome of the outfit, just because the sky is black, doesn't mean I have to be. I obviously wore it with my favourite Chloetea necklace, but I think I might have too many words on me. Along with my lyrics tattoo on my back, I'm a walking notebook in this outfit!

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