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Wednesday, September 11

I'd call it Bronze Strength

I really wanted this product to work, but it didn't. I adored the 60 second shot and was hoping for a similar result on a cheaper cost-per-use size*. I didn't hate it, it wasn't awful, but it just wasn't enough. At best, I'd call it a average conditioner, no where near the quality of a mask. With that said, if it was only promising to be a decent conditioner I wouldn't mind. Yet, when a product make such huge claims as to reverse 2 years of damage, you come to expect a lot. Maybe my 2 years of damage is more than others, it's been a busy 2 years of hair damaging clearly!

*In fairness, I didn't pay for this product, it was reduced in Asda so was cheekily chucked in my nans trolly. (Does this count as my first disclosure? Ooh I'm such a blogger now...)

Wednesday, June 26

Note to self: don't be a cheapskate

I've been washing my hair every day since I can remember, I always feel better when it's just been washed. Yet, this is obviously really bad for your hair so I've cut it down to once every other day and it's made such a massive difference to its condition and how quickly it grows. However, this means it's greasy (it probably isn't that bad, I just hate it) every second day, so dry shampoos are a godsend. My old job had stacks and stacks of Batiste samples, for some unknown reason, so I forgot how expensive they could be once I left that job and my Batiste supply! I thought, being thrifty, I'd try a cheaper alternative and picked up a Superdrug, worst decision ever. It's such an awful product. The smell is a false, chemical, overpowering scent and it didn't actually make my hair feel or look any cleaner. I might try a few other Batiste dupes, as I know there are so so many now, but maybe I'll read a few reviews first!

Tuesday, June 25

Blonde hair, don't care: part II

I had my hair dyed blonde a few months ago (post break up change) and really loved it, although looking back I hate the photos of this post! But, I decided to have a bit more bleach added and have it lightened a bit more. I absolutely love the colour it is now, I haven't been this blonde since I was 11 and was first allowed to! The condition of it is really suffering from the bleach, but I'm sure a purchase of some hot oils and maybe possibly a Moroccan Oil splurge will fix it. Also, I'm starting to think my fringe might be long enough to wear like this now, who knows tho, I've just got fed up of clipping it back all the time!
(The bottom photo is it completely unstraightened, waaay too hot this morning for that!) 

Tuesday, April 16

Sort the straw

First things first, I'm posting this straight from my brand new tablet! I got the Nexus Google one (life of not affording an iPad, sigh) but I'm really enjoying playing with all the extra features android offers compared to my iPhone.
Anyway, geek point over. Hair care. I've been obsessed with looking after my hair ever since I had it bleached in year 8 of school, dyed it all the time and straightened it three times a day (seriously.) So after all that abuse, its safe to say I've always had to make an effort to get it back from the straw its resembled ever since. I love reading your posts about hair care, I'm forever lusting after the expensive oils you bloggers use. I've come up with a few tips of what I've changed to my hair routine to keep it healthy.
1. HEAT PROTECTION. Yes, that needed to be capitalised, it's that important. You wouldn't put your hand in the oven with out an oven mitt on, same principle. (The period of time I straightened my hair three times a day, I didn't, ouch)
2. I've quit washing my hair every day, which was so so difficult as I have forever! But it actually stays clean so much longer now I only wash it every other day, I've heard your hair gets used to how often it is washed. Clever hair.
3. Oils. They make such an immediate effect, and really do make a difference.
4. Get a tangle teezer, it really makes brushing so much easier, I love mine, despite the price tag.
Also, but I'm not going to include it as a tip as it is quite expensive and I'm not sure if I'm going to repurchase yet, the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment is so good if you're trying to grow your hair as you massage it into the roots rather than the ends. I've started using it in my fringe at every wash and I can really tell the difference.
Hope you like this post, I have no idea how its going to look after posting it on my tablet, please comment some more hair tips as I still have a way to go to make it look more like hair than straw!

Tuesday, April 9


I have absolutely no idea why the long distance photos are STILL in such bad quality, I have a decent camera (a Fugifilm bridge if you're interested) but I have no idea how to use it clearly! I need to have a play with focuses and the like I think. This post is to mainly ask for your opinion on my hair like this, I need some sort of hairstyle to keep my fringe out of my face while it goes through the awkward growing out stage! It was insanely annoying in the wind as it kept falling out, but with enough hairspray I can just about manage. Does it look stupid? I want to wear it in some other way than a topknot otherwise there was no point in having it dyed! Also, I have a hair care post coming up in the next few days as I finally managed to track down the 60 second Platinum Strength shot from Tresemme! As a general life update, I started volunteering at my absolute favourite museum today and it was so much fun, so I wore this dress as I had no idea whether to be smart or casual and this is somewhere in between I think! And thank you for all you lovely lot that follow me on GFC, can't believe more than 70 people want to see these awful photos and hear what I have to say, I really appreciate it.

Wednesday, March 27

Blonde hair don't care

Right, so I know yesterday I posted that I was having my hair done on Friday? My hairdresser phoned about an hour afterwards to rearrange, giving me no time to back out! I really enjoyed having crazy, messy, orangey hair for a while but it got to a point when I felt I needed something a bit more grown up. (Although i'm 140% sure it will still be crazy and messy)
Unfortunately I had to have bleach put through it to get it as bright as what it is, so I'll be stocking up on some more oils soon, I repurchased the VO5 Hot Oil the other day, I'm going to get some of the Tresemme Platinum Strength range (either the shots or the mask) so I'm sure it will be back to normal average condition soon! I also took a quick terrible photo of a new ombre jumper I picked up from George in the sale, I love it. Although I do feel far far far too princessy with blonde hair wearing pink, doesn't suit me at all!
What do you think of the new colour? I can't decide yet. I kept my hood up for about 3 hours after I got home!

Thursday, February 28


I will get this look!  

Don't even know why I try blogging I'm the most unphotogenic person ever ever (I only had eyeliner on!)

I wish I could brave a Zoe LDN look, but I'm no where near brave enough, and with volunteering and working, I don't think they'd appreciate me walking in with bright pink hair (as much as I'd love to) so maybe I should settle for a Heather from Effies Make Up Box type look, I love her hair colour/style/everthing. I keep saying that I'm having a pre-graduating mid-life crisis. After I graduate and enter the real world I can't have crazy hair or whatever I want, scary. 
I put on a dye from superdrug before Christmas, and I did really love it but it wasn't bright enough at all, but for the cost of it I can't really complain. Seeing as I was putting it on top of a dark colour rather than a blonde, it was never going to be that bright.
I picked up a Directions pot from Afflecks Palace however, and really loved it! I think the two times I've used it I diluted it with conditioner far too much, so it didn't make a huge impact to what I already had, but because of it only being semi permanent and compared to permanent shades quite good for my hair, I don't really mind doing it a few times a month to keep it topped up. I might have another go soon not diluting it anywhere near as much to see what happens! As much as I love having long hair, it is only hair. It will grow back, eventually! 

(p.s, I didn't wash the conditioner out properly in my roots, so put a bit of dry shampoo on, it's not actually grey at the roots!)