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Monday, February 4

Cosy tights

Jumper: Topshop - Skirt: Topshop - Jacket: H&M - Nails: Models Own Utopia and ASOS Party Mix - Stupid face: c/o me

I heard all the rumours and saw all the tweets but didn't believe it. But I can confirm it is all true, the Cosy Tights from Primark are in fact sent from angels. They're so warm I can’t even describe it, probably warmer than my cheap H&M leggings. I love them, I’m never taking them off. (Well, I will, but you catch my drift)
I bought the skirt from my Topshop wish list (sorry, not sorry) along with some amazing glitter Chelsea boots that I wasn’t brave enough to wear but are on my Instagram here. I get my tripod on Friday so hopefully my outfit posts will improve a bit soon! 

I don’t know why I’m posing like a loser in the photo of me, it was probably to demonstrate how cosy I am, I’m uploading it anyway cause I like the way my hair looks for the first time in ages. Sorry! 

Saturday, February 2


First post of February! Hello! This month will hopefully be quite good, going to the NME awards next weekend and reading week off Uni will be nice, might be able to go home for a few days.
I bought this nail varnish as I adore the Purple Prickle shade I have, and I'm pretty impressed with how long they last without chipping. I can't stop staring at the colour it's so bright. I'd definitely recommend this line of Polishes as they are such good quality for the price!

Thursday, January 31

Nude Magique BB Cream

I'm so lazy, I hate the feeling of make up on my skin, but I still need a bit of coverage. So BB Cream is a pretty good alternative to foundation for me! This Nude Magique one by Loreal is a really good one, it feels light on the skin but still covers the majority of blemishes with a bit of concealer for the worse ones.
It really is a lovely texture, I can't really describe it but if you've used Porefessional it's a similar silky feel.
I'm really excited about the Nude Magique CC cream that was announced today, if it works as well as its BB friend (BB BFFL) it will be brilliant.


Wednesday, January 30

Purple leopard

A photo of the leopard print nails I did last night using Barry M Purple Prickle in the Gelly range, and my Models Own nail art pens. It's a surprisingly easy and quick design as any accidental messy bits can look intentional!
I think I might try others of the designs in the Wah Nail book, what do you think?

Tuesday, January 29

The inevitable

Yep, it happened, I knew it would, I didn't know it would so soon!
One of my favourite Christmas presents this year was my Cath Kidston phone case as I'd wanted one for so long but they're just so expensive for what they are. Yesterday, it broke. In the most uncomfortable scratchy place possible!
Even though I am absolutely gutted obviously, I couldn't credit Cath Kidston enough for how they have dealt with my problem. I tweeted them, to which I was given the email address to send what had happened. They have said that if I post it to them (they'll reimburse the postage cost) and they will send me out a new one. Which seeing as I don't have the receipt I was really happy about!
Have you had any trouble with Cath Kidston phone cases?

Monday, January 21

Scrub Your Nose In It

I've read a few really good reviews of this facial scrub from Soap and Glory and wanted to see what all the fuss is about, especially as the bad weather is making my skin really flaky and dry. It is apparently a 2 in 1 scrub and mask but I haven't tried it as a mask. I don't think I will use it as a mask as you'd have to use so much of the product to make a coverage thick enough, with it being £7.50 I'd rather buy a separate mask to use as well as.
I thought the minty smell of the product would be overpowering as I really don't like strong minty smells, especially near my face, but it was surprisingly fine and if anything quite refreshing and cooling. I've only used it the once so I can't comment on how well it actually exfoliates, but I love it so far!

Wednesday, January 16

Asos Party Pieces

Completely fangirling this lovely polish from Models Own. I've had it about 3 weeks yet forgot about it, how is this possible?! I managed to get free delivery from an offer that Asos had on at the time, I don't think I'd pay delivery for just a £5 polish, although I do love it so much! It is quite similar to Ibiza Mix, what makes it different however is the little silver pieces in the background which give it a much fuller coverage. The photos here show just one quite thin coat on top of a pale pink Nails Inc shade.

Friday, December 28

Collection 2000 gel eyeliner

I was really dubious to try any eyeliners apart from normal liquid pens or brushes but this was quite cheap when I popped into Wilkinsons today and I couldn't be more impressed.
Having a separate pot and brush and needing to wash the brush after every use is a hassle but its definitely worth the effort. This brand in particular is pigmented, and very smooth the apply. I can't comment on longevity as I've only had it on a few minutes! (I'll keep you posted.) But I'd definitely recommend this product at such a cheap price. What type of eyeliners do you use?

Friday, December 21

OTT Glitter

As much as I hate the brand name (Angelica - ew) I've had so many compliments on this glitter polish. It is such a good Ibiza Mix dupe and for a fraction of the price. I'm not too sure where you can purchase it from, but I got it at a Primark concession for £2! Ibiza Mix is, in my opinion, a much classier glitter and the pieces aren't so colourful and give a more subtle effect but when you want an 'in your face' glitter, I love this one!

Wednesday, December 19

MUA Undressed

This eyeshadow palette is so raved about on blogs and seeing as it was only £4 I bought it a few weeks ago. I absolutely love it! For £4 the colours are so pigmented and the shades are perfect for either a "night out" smokey eye or day look. I've not used it much yet but I can see myself using it so much over Christmas (especially the golds!)

Friday, December 7

Kate Moss matte lipstick shade #101

As my first lipstick (I know, terrible girl) I've picked a pretty good one with this one! It's such a lovely subtle colour but still pigmented enough to notice. I need to improve the condition of my lips before I can start wearing it more because as a pale matte colour it shows up every imperfection. Le sigh. 

iya pout